Paul Mealor, Composer. Voted the 'nation's favourite living composer' in the 2012 Classic FM hall of fame. On Aaron's choral music:

"Aaron King is a talented and original composer of music for choir. His music is lyrical, well crafted and full of colour. Choirs everywhere need to sing this music."

Cherwell (student newspaper), on new musical 'Nice Guy'

"By far the stand out element, however, is Aaron King’s score, accompanied by Sam Norman’s lyrics...The score is truly a gift that keeps on giving – from Isla’s unofficial theme of ‘Everything’s Fine’ reprised to horrifying effect, to the duets and three-part harmonies which adorn the piece with perfect balance."

OxStu (student newspaper), on new musical 'Cyrano de Bergerac' 

"...the audience is treated to a delightful original score composed by King which is bursting with a sense of power and antiquated splendour, all the while betraying a slightly sombre, melancholic tone. There are a multitude of original songs... including a variety of stunning ballads..."


James Fellows (Musical director, Luceat Choir)


Aaron’s music fits the choir’s voice like a perfect glove. His ability to craft melody is unique among modern composers, and lends a beautiful spirituality to any service. We can’t wait to perform more works by this exceptional musician

Oliver Warrilow, director, Skytail productions.

"Having worked with Aaron on my two most significant filmmaking endeavours to date, I can certainly say that he is a pleasure to collaborate with and consistently very professional. Not to mention clearly skilled and talented to such a degree that on both occasions when the opportunity to work together arose, I had absolutely no hesitation! I find that Aaron’s grasp of character is most useful whether it be working with the themes or discussing the tones of a film. The two films on which we have collaborated have been starkly different: the first, a character-led psychological thriller and the second, a zany comedy. On both occasions, the score not only complemented the scenes but added something new; be it a new depth of emotion, the thrill of dread or a sudden laugh! I certainly hope to work with Aaron in the future and the last year of collaboration has proved that no genre is beyond him!"

Sam Norman, playwright and author. Writer of new musical 'Pawn'  and 'Cyrano de Bergerac' (music by Aaron King).


"In the time I’ve known and collaborated with him as a lyricist, Aaron has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is an outstandingly talented and versatile composer; together we have written everything from tangos to musical anthems to folk tunes, arranged for lone pianos, jazz bands and orchestras. Besides being frighteningly quick and original (he often composes entire songs in his head, notating them later) he is a pleasure to work with: accommodating, polite, cheerful and modest. I have no doubt that he will do great things."

Joseph Dobos, Conductor, Wayne State University Concert Band

"This is the kind of music that wind bands ought to be playing... Thank you for writing such beautiful music."